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Best News Portal Development in Lucknow India

The strategy of building a news portal has been considered an excellent way to make money from online traffic. This is simply because most people do not prefer watching television anymore because of the hectic schedule they follow.

So instead of waiting for the newspaper to arrive the next morning or keep changing the channel – people rely on internet news portals.

At Reuben Infotech, we are the best news portal website development in Lucknow with thousands of happy customers. We are here to help you reach your targeted audience and success with the innovative technologies despite the size of your organization.


What features do we offer in the news portal software?

We at Reuben Infotech are professional developers of a news portal in Lucknow who can implement new and advanced features. Therefore, some of the basic features that our news portal software would include are

Multi-user support

Being the best developer of the news portal website in Lucknow, we offer you all the features that enable you to publish blogs, press releases, articles, and others with minimal effort.

Excellent user interface

We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts who make sure that an excellent user interface is offered.

This would ensure that the readers can easily relate to the site and browse through it without any problem.

Tons of images and videos

The news portal in Lucknow that we design comes with unlimited storage options.

As a news portal owner or user, you would be able to share an unlimited number of content, videos, and images with the other users.

Easy customization

At Reuben Infotech, we understand the diverse needs of the customers which is why we offer easy customization to all.

We allow you to easily change a few things and edit everything as per your preference.

SEO features

We offer SEO features so that your content ranks on the top among other competitors and you get a chance to gain an abundance of website traffic

Complete admin control

Being the best news portal website development in Lucknow, our admins get full-fledged control of the entire application.

As an admin, you can do anything you want with the application from anywhere.

Social media integration

Another amazing feature that our news portal in Lucknow consists of is social media integration.

In order to help the channel to reach a huge audience, our application offers complete support in a blink of an eye.

Great support

As a trustworthy company of news portal websites in Lucknow, we offer complete support, especially in times of need.

We make sure that you do not feel stuck at any point nor our application interrupts your growth in any way.

Why should you choose Reuben Infotech for news portal development?

We at Reuben infotech are a top-rated website building company that assists both journalists and reporters in obtaining a cost-effective news portal website development in Lucknow.

From offering superior customer assistance systems to delivering high-end software that meets every requirement – we take care of all. As a leading software developer of a news portal in Lucknow, we help our customers to transform their dreams into reality.

With a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts who are aware of all the latest tools and technologies, we always come up with customized and budget-friendly solutions.

To date, our developers have worked with thousands of clients and have been the reason behind their success. Therefore, you can be the next fortunate journalist if you choose to contact us for developing a news portal website in Lucknow.

So, Are You Ready to Boost Your Business?

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