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As technology has adjusted itself in everyone’s life effortlessly, educational institutions must focus on its adoption to enjoy the advancements.


The use of ERP to replace the traditional methods of performing daily chores is assisting the core of the institution in qualifying gains in both academic and administrative performances.


At Reuben Infotech, we are a leading software developer of institute management in Lucknow that helps you to manage your institute just by making a few clicks. It is through our software that you can expect to redefine the education system functionalities as we have made the right use of both technology and innovations.

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Create one-of-a-kind institute management software with Reuben infotech!!

 Having years of experience, we at Reuben infotech use cutting edge technology to create institute management at Lucknow.  Our talented and well-trained team members make sure to offer all the mandatory features that any institute might require for a smooth operation. We intend to go the extra mile and offer end-to-end solutions for every phase that an institution meets.

Starting from admissions, academics, attendance, managing the staff, and others – we prioritize every bit of it. On the other hand, our advanced software helps you to manage enquiries, payments, batches, certificates, assignments, payroll, expenses, user security, reports and much more.

Being a developer of high-end software for project institute management in Lucknow, Rueben infotech empowers all the educational institutions so that a new way of educational engagement can be done.

The best part about choosing us is we offer customized solutions to all for institute management in Lucknow. From giving you the opportunity to create a personalized logo integration, biometric integration, SMS integration, tax configuration, and integrated payment gateways – all the demands are taken care of with us. Not to mention, our experts make sure that the clients feel fully satisfied through our top-notch services.

How is institute management software useful?


Our experts in institute management in Lucknow use data analytics and AI-driven tools to offer valuable insights. It is through our smart techniques that your institution would start facing unlimited benefits. Be it tracking the progress of the students in their entire learning and transforming as per the changes – we rely on inbuilt analytical capabilities.

Also, our software project institute management in Lucknow would improve teachers’ productivity which will further enhance the standard of education. Apart from this, owning an institution’s software will also improve parent engagement by keeping them updated about their child’s every activity.

Lastly, the introduction of institute management software will also help the stakeholder plan and reduce financial costs as stakeholders would get a chance to monitor the progress of various activities.


Why should you choose us?


We at Rueben infotech are professionals who are enthusiastic about what we do and offer to the clients. Our aim relies on bringing and serving creativity, technology, and uniqueness to the institutions. So far we have collaborated with hundreds of institutions and stood by them while handling every problem smartly.

Our team of experts make use of the most advanced technologies to create software for Institute management in Lucknow by not neglecting any of the trends. We make sure all your diverse demands are particularly met without any compromise so that everything runs smoothly and profit is seen at the end of the day.

From offering cloud-based customized solutions to others, we can be your one-stop solution available at a competitive rate. So come with us and walk the road of success in a hassle-free way.